Technocure Computer Systems LLC is a leading integrator of Touch Screen technology for a wide variety of displays. Our touch screen solutions are designed to work seamlessly with your display, system, and application. Our Display Product Specialists work with you to design a touch screen solution to meet both your technology requirements as well as your display environment. Touch technology through Quest International means your facility is assured the highest quality product and service.

Technocure, Dubai our professional Touch Screen Integration Specialists have extensive experience working with all display types and are able to integrate touch screen technology with virtually all displays. Technocure, Dubai Touch Screen Integration Specialists are experienced with all types of touch screens including resistive, capacitive, SAW, infrared and multi-touch. Technocure, Dubai utilizes specially designed monitors from the NEC MultiSync LCD family, the best-selling brand of flat panel monitors. These high-quality displays allow for efficient integration of touch technologies as well as protective glass and ensure that the integration process will not alter the integrity of the product’s original appearance. In addition, all of these energy-saving monitors are equipped with wall and arm mounting capabilities and are available in white or black cabinets. Technocure, Dubai bringing you display excellence.